Arch File A4 Round Spine
  • Arch File A4 Round Spine

Arch File A4 Round Spine

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This highly compatible product is the best arch file in its class and is one of the smart options for storing all your paperwork, documents and even school reports. This Arch file includes a round spine that allows easy customization of your folders. The large label area on the rounded spine lets you to crisply label the details of the documents stocked inside the file. This type of labelling ensures easy accessibility of the file and saves a lot of your precious hours and effort in the long run. Constructed using heavy-duty polypropylene material, this arch file provides great protection to the documents. The lever arch mechanism used in this file consists of a lever with a paper clamp that ensures easy filling and removal of the documents.  This arch file is of extremely light-weight and water-resistant that facilitates easy maintenance. The durability and the non-bendable feature of the file when it is stacked vertically assure that the documents stored inside it always remain crisp, fresh.  

This stylish file has a classic black colour and is one of the best picks for everyday use. Apart from the black colour, this arch files also come in several attractive colours that allow easy setting of a colour coded file system. 


Type      : 3"Lever Arch File

Size        : 320X300X75*2.5

Spec.      : FC, X Round Spine

Qty         : Pack of 4

Colour  : Black.

Rounded Spine.

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