Arch File A4 Straight Spine
  • Arch File A4 Straight Spine

Arch File A4 Straight Spine

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Super efficient and cost-effective this smart arch file effectually prevents unorganized paper chaos and helps to perfectly set and store all your reports in one place. The lever arch design allows easy insertion or release of the papers from any spot in the binder without the removal of other reports. The lever arch mechanism includes a lever and two rings. The documents can be easily inserted or removed by lifting the lever and placing the reports on the two rings. The lever is then pushed down to close. The compression clip on the binder prevents the moving of papers and thus keeps your crucial reports secure and intact inside the file. The straight spine contains a large label area that permits categorizing the file based on the stocked documents. Such a categorization allows easy recognition of the file and saves much of your time and effort in locating the file at the hour of need.  Built using a superior quality polypropylene material, this arch file is of extremely lightweight and can be moved to multiple places at ease. 

This Arch file has a classic black colour and smartly accommodates A4 size documents. It can easily store an incredible quantity of reports and just one flick is required to locate the documents stocked inside the file.


Type    :    3"Lever Arch File

Size     :    320X280X75*2.5

Spec.   :    FC,X Straight Spine

Qty      :    Pack of 4

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