Arch File Straight Spine
  • Arch File Straight Spine

Arch File Straight Spine

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This smart arch file helps you to easily organize your precious documents in a highly efficient and cost-effective method. This arch file has a lever arch design that permits you to freely insert or remove the papers from the file. The unique construction with a lever and two rings easily stores the documents and keeps it intact inside the file. The papers are placed on the two rings after lifting the lever. Once the papers are inserted, the lever is pressed down to shut. The lever arch design also includes a compression clip that averts the movement of papers once the lever is closed. Any document can be inserted or removed easily from any place on the file by just lifting up the lever. 

The straight spine has a large label area that facilitates easy labelling of the file. This saves a lot of time and effort as the documents and any file can be identified in a jiffy. The superior quality polypropylene materials used in the creation of this arch file guarantees maximum durability and also easy maintenance. This file comes in several attractive colours that greatly support the colour coordinated filing system.


Type    :     2"Lever Arch File

Size      :    320X280X55*2.5

Spec.    :    A4,Straight Spine

Qty       :    Pack of 4

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