D Ring Binder
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D Ring Binder

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This D ring binder is crafted using hardbound, PVC-free polypropylene material and includes thick boards that provide peak efficiency and added durability. Featuring the most reliable ring mechanism this binder will easily withstand the everyday rough use. The binder has a D- ring shape that can accommodate a large number of sheets and comes in handy for projects with a lot of paperwork. Another unique quality of this D shape is that the ring is offset to the back part of the binder. This ensures that the papers inserted into the rings remain flat which in turn makes it easier to manage. Also, the mounting of papers into the D shaped rings minimizes stress on individual pages and prevents them from tearing or falling off. The D shaped ring features a wider opening which facilitates easy insertion and removal of papers. The straight spine has a large labelling area that allows the customization of documents included inside the binder. The binder has reinforces edges at the bottom which ensures added longevity. 

This D ring binder has a remarkably large size and permits the usage of section dividers to make it a compact tool for reference in workplaces and also for storing personal medical records. 


Size               :    320X260X35*2.5

Spec.            :    3 D-ring

Qty               :     Pack of 4

Colour        :     Black.

Material    :     Polypropylene

Straight spine label.

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