Display Book 30 Pockets
  • Display Book 30 Pockets

Display Book 30 Pockets

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Protect your work with this Display Book that comes with 30 pockets. For those who are sceptical to try a display book, this is where you can get started.

A versatile product, you can use it for school, work, or home with absolute ease. It comes with transparent non-static plastic sheets that do not stick with each other or with your file. This makes it easy to add or remove the paper.

This thick and durable display book is suitable to display various types of documents, ads, designs and much more easily. It has a soft and smooth texture that glides through the fingers easily.

This display folder comes with a hardcore cover that protects the documents from wear and tear. It is also waterproof which secures your files from environmental challenges.

Use it for storing certificates, documents, or present any projects, pricelists, add designs, photos, contracts, and much more.

A fantastic display book for daily filing and display, this is a great investment for any home, work or for students. So why hesitate? Order NOW!!! We always have the return policy if (and that’s a big “if”) you are unhappy with the purchase.

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