Display Book 60 Pockets
  • Display Book 60 Pockets

Display Book 60 Pockets

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Imagine showing off your work on a dirty, crinkled paper. Nothing kills the achievement like an unorganized paper and messy presentation. We give you an A4 sized display book that comes with 60 pockets.

No matter what you are creating, it all comes back to the way you present. Proper writing instruments, filing, and organizing are small details that have a lot of meaning.

Be it preserving certificates or displaying your sales ads, a proper display book plays an important role. It comes with anti-static transparency that does not stick together with the certificates or stick together.

This display book comes with a classic black plastic cover that is strong and sturdy making it resistant to wear and tear.

One display book holds 60 transparent pockets so you get more space to display your achievements oh so proudly. You may also use it for contracts, reports, photos, designs, and much more. So go ahead and order it now!!!

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