Can I find your physical retail store?

A. No, at this point we don't have any retail shop that's geographically located somewhere. If we start having that plan we will promptly convey that to you.

What privacy settings do you do to safeguard my as well as my organization's account details?

A. We never send or distribute any of your or your organization's valuable details to third parties unless these are somehow linked with us professionally such as our delivery partners. Once the bank account details are being taken by us after receiving the order confirmation we ensure a secure safeguarding through encryption that follows the international standards.

What if I need to order the same set of products to be delivered at different office branches?

A. You can order same or different products at one location at a time but you cannot place an order for multiple locations at a single time. For that, you will need to edit the address section each time you attempt to order.

Will you share the tracking details with me?

A. Yes, we always share the tracking details with our consumers right after the transmission of the ordered package(s) through the email.

Within how many days will I get my order? What if I don't get them?

A. You will get your order within a week of purchase. If you do not, please call our customer care department immediately. It will crosscheck for the correctness and completeness of the written postal address. If that is correct then either it will be retransmitted OR your money would be refunded, else you will have to make a fresh purchase. Kindly check the Shipping Policy for detailed information.

What if my products are found wrong or broken or expired?

A. If you have any of such rare cases, we suggest you to communicate with our customer care unit to resolve these ASAP. You will have to send those products back to us in the same condition as you received. Once your claims are proven we will refund the actual cost price without packing, handling, and transmission cost you might have beared. Please refer our Return Policy for more details.