Returns & Refund Policy

Returns and Refunds

The Return policy explains several cases in which a customer requests to return back the purchased product(s), and/or a refund. It is described here why their request should be allowed or disallowed. Although the cases cited here happen very rarely, yet these might still transpire and we need to mark what could possibly occur. We accept the returned products if the following cases are true:

1. The product ordered and received were incorrect in quantity or size or number/count or the product itself.

2. The products were found very near to the expiry date or have already expired and can no longer be in use.

3. The merchandise was found broken or leaked or damaged.

Please remember that these cases should be detected right after opening the parcel else we assume that it happened from you, and then it would not hold any validity. Furthermore, one should not request a return if it is too late since we cannot advance with such cases. One should make sure that he or she does not make any changes with the delivered product(s), else we will not be qualified to identify the problem.

We cannot acquire the returns if a customer changes mind and returns back the items. We will not accept the returns or neither will we be able to refund the money if the address provided was wrong. If you specified the address as unfinished or false you will have to correct the address and do the purchases freshly.

We will examine your case and if that turns out to be in your inclination, your account will be credited with the original cost at the time of your ordering. We do not refund the handling and shipment costs that you paid while giving us the products back. Full payment can only be considered if you received nothing at your address at all.

The credit card company takes about two weeks to reflect the received amount. If you found that no refund was credited into your account after the expected duration then you must talk to the concerned authorities to settle your case.

CANCELLATIONS supports cancellations on certain circumstances. It has to be done within a specific time range, which is before the dispatch and/or within 24 hours. If the product has already been transmitted regardless of the time then cancellation will not be possible. We do not allow repeated cancellations. This implies that a product once cancelled cannot be allowed to cancel again if purchased once more.

Please contact us for more information or assistance.