Shipping Policy

Shipping policies are regulations that follows to dispatch and deliver the packages to its customers on time, and also the conditions that might check the method and general actions. We necessitate everyone to read all the sections carefully to avoid hassles later.

Stationeryselect follows two shipping methods namely Regular Shipping and DHL Shipping. Regular shipping demands up to 7 days for delivery to conclude whereas DHL shipping requires only about 2 to 3 days. We conduct the delivery from morning to evening. The cost of delivery may be different according to the selected delivery mode and the distance of the destination. By default, the shipping method will be imposed on Regular shipment. Therefore, those who need to get their parcel early have to choose DHL shipment specifically in the checkout page.

Stationeryselect does the delivery and dispatches only on the working days. The orders got on non-working days/holidays/weekends will be packed and shipped only on the succeeding working days. We accept the bulk orders, though we need an accurate address to put forward them to the delivery process perfectly. So, please be careful to avoid mistakes in the address, otherwise, the package might get missed in the transition stage for which we cannot entertain a return/refund.

The parcel if not collected at the official mailing address of the workplace would be most likely returned back to us. In that case, proper communication would be expected so that the issues resolves earliest as possible.

Extra or import charges will not be included in the delivery expenses displayed on the site. Each country or state will have their individual rules and costs for delivery process. We request consumers to read about every such payment and yield it wherever necessary while receiving the package. Stationeryselect will not be liable if you haven't got your parcel due to the denial of such extra costs.

Delivery process may be kept pending in cases of any troubles that could be natural as well as man-made. For instance, floods, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, tornado, riots, civil war, nuclear explosions, curfew, emergencies, etc. It will be ungovernable for us to continue our delivery process in circumstances like these. We normally wait for such incidents to stop. If not, we will dismiss the process and do the refund.

We would like to inform you that as a consequence of the COVID-19 circumstances, There may be a delay with the pending orders and also deliveries. Hope you understand and cooperate with us. Stay Safe!

Kindly reach us for more clarity.