Single Clipboard A4
  • Single Clipboard A4

Single Clipboard A4

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In this modern era, technology has grown in leaps and bounds but that has not completely blocked the requirements of paper sheets. Let it be for examination in schools or writing meeting notes in offices, the paper is still needed for our everyday activities. This smart Clipboard greatly helps to retain a bunch of papers securely and safely in one place. This clipboard is made of recyclable plastic materials that are highly resistant to chemicals and other pollutants. The sturdy metal clip has a good holding capacity and tightly locks the inserted documents. The rubberized metal edges on the metal clip eliminate the fear of documents getting torn or hampered. The surface of the clipboard includes a smooth lamination that enhances the ease of writing. The four corners of the clipboard have rounded edges that further maximize the safety factor. The provision to place a pen or pencil inside the metal clip makes this clipboard all the more productive and unique. The built-in hanging hole facilitates convenient storage and easy display of the clipboard. The clipboard is scratch, water resistant and can be cleaned easily using a neat cloth. The robust construction and durability of this clipboard guarantee a long-lasting use almost in any environment.


Size           :     315X225X2.8

Spec.        :     A4

Qty           :     Pack of 20

Colour    :     Red, white, black, blue.

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